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Real Estate Services at Urban Keys

Urban Keys Chartered Surveyors prides itself on modern and professional real estate services. We constantly challenge the way traditional real estate business is done in Cyprus, providing a fresh and dynamic approach, as required by a changing market and evolving customer.

Cyprus has the EU's most attractive citizenship programme. Urban Keys can assist you in obtaining Cyprus residency and citizenship via property purchase and investments.
Property Valuations
RICS certified, undertaking property valuations throughout Cyprus for individual home owners, property developers, court matters, and banks/financial institutions.
Building Surveying
Chartered Building Surveying in Cyprus. Examination and structural inspection of all types of real estate: building's entire condition and state-of-repair; foundations; walls; roofs; FFEs.
Property Management
Leasing property hassle-free for landlords in Cyprus and abroad. Urban Keys takes care of all real estate aspects: finding tenants, rent collection, maintenance.

Superior real estate service in Cyprus

Market insights to make the right real estate investment; buying, renting, selling, leasing.

Understanding the Cyprus property market is of course the first step in real estate business, whether you are buying or renting, selling or leasing. Despite being a relatively small market when compared to other countries in Europe, it can still be quite challenging to know where to buy/rent and what exactly to look for. This is especially true in an ever-changing market.

As expert real estate agents, Urban Keys has the relevant up-to-date knowhow, dealing with real estate services day-in-day-out. This provides invaluable intelligence and market specific insights to support your decision. From in-depth knowledge of macro market conditions, awareness at a local level, thousands of properties listed on the (online) database, to awareness of true property prices obtained from the hundreds of valuations conducted. This certainly puts Urban Keys in good stead to negotiate on your behalf.

We make the entire process easier and more efficient, with a fresh new approach to real estate services in Cyprus. Our team has an in-depth and modern understanding of the Cyprus market, appreciating changing conditions and changing clientele. They are also experienced in other property markets, understanding the psyche and behaviours of diverse clientele, from the UK, France and Greece in Europe, to Russia and China in Asia. As such, Urban Keys becomes an integral link between Cyprus and international markets.

Because at Urban Keys we really are different!

Location, location, location: Cyprus market

Property location. It is common knowledge that location is a fundamental factor to real estate.

Know your location. Urban Keys has the experience, market insights and analytical skills to guide clients in all sorts of real estate solutions in Cyprus. We provide our clients with comprehensive knowledge of local markets and each specific location, including the latest market trends, new developments, as well as all of the necessary demographic, municipal and regulatory information to aid in any decision, such as:

  • Searching for a specific location in Cyprus and Nicosia to buy or rent
  • Foreigners to Cyprus who are not so familiar with the various locations and conditions
  • Selling or leasing property in Cyprus, highlighting the benefits your property's location
  • Determining the most accurate property valuation by rightfully factoring location

Cyprus property market. The Cyprus property market can be split into a number of key locations. Some of the most common include capital cities (further divided into old towns, metropolitan areas and greater area/suburban), regional areas (towns, villages and more remote locations), and coastal zones. Indeed, each property market offers its own unique opportunities and challenges. Urban Keys can help find the property that best suits you.

Urban Keys unique interactive property map. To make it easier to search for a property to buy or rent, we have split the Cyprus property market into a number of distinct and practical precincts. See our map to buy property in Cyprus and map to rent property in Cyprus. Essentially this consists of the following:

  • A wider map of the Cyprus property market, broken up into the various regions; Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, and Famagusta. Each region has its listed properties.
  • Sub map of Nicosia's property market, split by the various key areas as a typical buyer/renter would be searching, including Old Town Nicosia, Metropolitan Nicosia, Greater Nicosia, and Regional Nicosia. This is specific to the Nicosia property market, supporting the search process by determining one's distance to the city and/or type of location they are seeking to buy or rent.

Type of real estate properties in Cyprus

Urban Keys's real estate services span to all sorts of property types in Cyprus.

Are you seeking property in residential, holiday homes, commercial, retail, industrial or new developments? Urban Keys has the resources to support your endeavours whether you are seeking to buy, lease or for investment purposes.

Urban Keys has detailed inside knowledge of all property types, regularly conducting valuations and building surveys for individual owners, developers, corporations, and banks/financial institutions, as well as acting as expert consultants for Cypriot courts. This puts us in a unique position that ultimately benefits our clients.

Property types in Cyprus available via Urban Keys include:

  • Residential property: detached houses, semi-detached homes, townhouses, luxury villas, and apartments in city metropolitan, suburban, rural and coast locations. Urban Keys's online residential property listing is the largest and most sophisticated available in Cyprus.
  • Holiday homes and apartments available in both popular and unique coastal, rural and mountain areas throughout Cyprus, together with the professional and solid help needed by foreigners, such as handling all necessary paperwork, title deeds, lease agreements, price negotiations, as well as post purchase support.
  • Commercial real estate in Cyprus: from standard offices to executive suites and corporate headquarter offices, medical spaces, hotels and hospitality (restaurants, bars), and other commercial support services for short-term projects, start-up business or long term lease agreements. Mostly located in the capital cities Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and in Famagusta Paralimni, Protaras, and Agia Napa.
  • Retail prospects: prime & second tier shop locations in capital cities Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos, tourist zones by the coast, as well as regional areas.
  • Industrial zones: all sizes and for a variety of purposes, specialising in Nicosia's SOPAZ industrial area and Dali industrial area, as well as support for other industrial areas in Cyprus via our syndicate offices.
  • Plots and land zone: throughout Cyprus and for a variety of purposes, including plots for residential developments, commercial developments, and agricultural use with set percentage building permits.
  • New-built property developments for sale and rent: for residential and commercial use. Urban Keys provides detailed information about the property, location, plans, developer info, and helps guide clients through the purchasing process. It is true that new property developments have slowed down due to slower economic activity, in an effort to bring better equilibrium between supply and demand. The market is still quite active, and new developments are available in a range of locations across the island. Mid to long term should see exciting and diverse new developments on the back of better economic growth and increasing interest from foreign investors, i.e. interested in direct and indirect benefits from the natural resources sector.

All these property types are available for owner-operated initiatives and investment opportunities.

Urban Keys's method of presenting properties

Presentation is everything. Never underestimate the power of comprehensive and user-friendly property listings.

Knowing this, our real estate agents are well trained to present properties in a way that is specifically geared to what buyers/renters prefer to see online, making the entire search process easier and more efficient. This includes professional photos, 360 property tours, floor plans, as well as putting together comprehensive property specs and descriptions during the visit/inspection process.

The right presentation supports our customers buy/rent in Cyprus and sell/lease their property. As such, we endeavour to do whatever it takes to enhance the experience and increase buying/renting activity. View our property portfolio photos when searching to Buy Cyprus Property or Rent Cyprus Property and you'll notice the difference immediately.

Living in Cyprus – most liveable country

Cyprus is arguably one of the most liveable countries in the world. And for very real reasons.

Cyprus, a Member of the European Union, Eurozone and Commonwealth of Nations, is widely considered to be one of the most liveable countries in the world. Few places in the world can offer the same living standards and quality-of-life as Cyprus does. Many countries and cities regularly lay claim to this, and actually pay for the right to have such a “most liveable” title. In Cyprus, it is genuine, honest and practical consideration.

So why is Cyprus one of the most liveable places, therefore popular location for residence: on account of its extremely safe family environment; ideal Mediterranean island climate; healthy and natural gastronomy with home-grown produce and rich flavours; unique nightlife and entertainment; history/culture; diversity in nature, landscape and attractions within close proximity; good-hearted and friendly community-based people; as well as its geographical location close to many other countries in Europe, the Middle East-Asia and Africa (EMEA).

People also commonly decide to live in Cyprus for retirement or due to business purposes. Little wonder why Cyprus has fast become a popular choice of residence for other European Union member states, as well as new emerging markets such as Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe, and Asian countries India and China. This is sure to grow.

Economic-business motives to Cyprus real estate

Cyprus is perhaps the world's most ideal business and investment gateway to the EMEA region.

Economically, Cyprus is going through some major challenges and changes, especially with a complete overhaul and restructuring of its banking sector. This is however, in an effort to make the country a lot more sustainable in the long term. Cyprus continues to boast key business and corporate advantages, making it an ideal business, trading and investment gateway to the EMEA region.

Key economic sectors in Cyprus include professional corporate service, tourism and hospitality, maritime and shipping (3rd largest in the EU and 10th in the world), property and construction, food and agriculture, as well as fast emerging as a leading international education centre. More recently, Cyprus discovered extensive reserves in hydrocarbons (natural gas and possibly oil). These are currently being explored by US based organisations, Russian and European-French. No doubt, such developments have the capacity to dramatically alter the dynamic of the economic landscape in Cyprus, and significantly boost economic activity. With this will come major investments, both direct and indirect in real estate.

Cyprus is also well known for its professional corporate services, remaining one of the most favourable jurisdiction vehicle for holding companies to be used as part of international tax structure, and as an investment gateway to the EU and wider EMEA region. This is mainly due to its low (lowest in the EU at 12.5%) corporate tax rate, extensive network of double tax treaties with other countries, as well as a host of other possible intra-group synergies, such as no financial transaction tax, dividends as well as gains from disposal of shares/bonds are exempted from taxation, no withholding tax on dividends or interest paid to non-resident, etc). Business-friendly government and infrastructure is well placed to support these services in taxation, legal, accounting and finance, including highly skilled, educated and multilingual workforce – In fact maintains the highest tertiary education rate in the EU. Little wonder why Cyprus has fast become a popular choice as a business and investment hub to the EMEA region, especially for emerging BRIC nations Russia, India and China to trade in the European Union, Europe, Middle East and Africa. This then drives further demand for real estate in Cyprus.

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